Sunday, 14 June 2009

Fairbanks #4, around Fairbanks

American robin. They have a nest on the side of our house, with 4 young ones.

Creamer's field, where large numbers of birds stop over during spring migration. Popular with sandhill cranes and Canada geese.
One of our frequent visitors, the black-eyed junco.

It changed from white to green in a few weeks, view from our balcony.

'Our' house.

Spring visitor on the window.

The very popular walk to Angel rocks.

Spring is here.

Angel rocks.

Getting water at the local spring.

Fox spring.

Typical Fairbanks view, green forested hills; Chatanika valley.

One of many rivers, the Chatanika river.

Without Felix Pedro, who found the first gold in the Fairbanks area, Fairbanks may not have been here.

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