Sunday, 20 June 2010

Last skiing in May

A bit late, but here are some photos from the last skiing trips in the first half of May. A day trip from our house up Kjølen, the mountain behind our house, on a beautiful spring day.

Great view towards Ersfjorden

Store Blåmann

Looking south of Tromsø

And a long weekend in Abisko, Sweden, in the middle of May. Here we skied in the ski area at Riksgränsen for 2 days, practising our Telemark turns. It was also the weekend of the ice break-up on most of the major rivers, a very impressive sight with large blocks of ice being pushed up on the banks (and on the roads) by some very wild rivers. The sudden break-up did cause flooding and road closures throughout Troms.

This river near Abisko just broke up

Shattered river ice

Landscape around Abisko


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