Tuesday, 13 July 2010

River kayaking

After the rafting expedition on the Franklin river we were keen to learn more about rivers and river kayaking techniques, and based on recommendation of our rafting guides on the Franklin we decided to do a 2-days beginner's course with the kajakksenter in Heidal, in Jotunheimen. Our excellent teachers Annette and Simon managed to teach a group of 7 beginners some of the basic river kayaking techniques in a very fun atmosphere. And on the day after the course, the rafting guides from the Franklin took us on a great trip on the Sjoa river with rubber duckies, more stable inflatable kayaks which we still managed to flip once or twice. They also taught us a bit about how to read a river and plan your course, and got us to swim through a hole and self rescue so we are a bit more confident about what we can do and shouldn't do on a river. Thanks guys!

Kayaking course (photo Annett Sjursheim)

Kayaking course (photo Annett Sjursheim)

Sjoa river

Kvitskriuprestene. Eroding moraine material where large rocks, temporarily, protect the material below from erosion.

Stave church in Heidal

Since we were now so close to the highest mountain in Norway, Galdhøpiggen, we had an extra day to climb this mountain before travelling back to Trondheim and on to Tromsø. We camped at Spiterstulen and started the walk around 3 pm so we were the last ones on the top and only got back to camp late at night. Nice these long and light summer nights! Beautiful views from the top.

Start of the walk to Galdhøpiggen at Spiterstulen

Good views

The café (!) at the top

View from the top

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