Sunday, 9 January 2011

Christmas in Heiahytte

The geology department and the former biology department own a hut together. This hut, Heiahytte, is located next to Takvatnet, a large lake about 1.5 hours drive south from Tromsø. We had a short 3-day Christmas break here, a break from moving house, cleaning, and painting. We spent Christmas here a few years ago as well, that time with rain and little snow. This year it was beautiful, nice cold weather, some 40 cm snow, and clear enough to watch the northern lights one evening. 


We brought only snowshoes this year. I find snowshoes easier for trips in the dark and in this time of the year you inevitably end up being outside in the dark, watching northern lights for example.

Tony snowshoeing up the hill across the lake from the hut

One evening we walked out on the lake to watch for northern lights and we noticed all these fantastic ice formations along the rocky coast. The next day we went for a walk along the coast in daylight to have a better look at the ice structures. There must have been strong winds blowing up water from the lake before it got frozen, or maybe rain on already frozen ground/rocks.

Takvatnet, with mountains in Inner Troms in the distance

Tony inspecting some of the ice formations

Colourful lichen on frozen rock

Massive icicles, about 2 m tall, underneath an overhanging cliff

Close up of the frozen roof from the overhanging cliff above 


Latoyia Stockhausen said...

Wow! Those ice formations are marvelous! And that house looks very cozy. Houses in colder places need to look and feel warm and cozy to keep the homeowners comfortable. I was just wondering if these houses are free from roof leaks, too.. =)

Corine Davids said...

No problems with roof leaks here... :-)