Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Walking to work

It has been a very good winter so far with continuous cold temperatures and snow since October. The official snow depth is currently 91 cm. It is a very nice walk from our new house in Hamna to the university. The walk goes through quiet streets, along the skiløype and walking tracks through the forest, and it takes me around 40 minutes. On the way home I walk straight north and the dark walking tracks are great for watching northern lights. Last week I brought a camera along to document my daily walk.

The snow around the house is up to the windows

I have to go over the island, so first I walk up through Hamna to the start of the skiløype, this is the view to the west from the top of Hamna

A few hundred meters along the skiløype

Then a well used walking track

Around Langvannet

Past the Arctic animal research farm and a kindergarten on the edge of the campus

And, finally, over the bridge to the natural science building with a good view towards Tromsdalstinden

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