Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Grønnlibruna by bike

In Norway there are a number of incentives to help encourage people to be more active and get outside. In Tromsø we have the cycle to work, ti-på-topp (ten mountain tops), ti-på-skjæret (ten islands, for those that prefer seakayaking), orienteering and probably several other incentives. I guess these are the Norwegian variations of the 'wandelvierdaagse' (4 days walking), 'fietsvierdaagse' (4 days cycling), 'zwemvierdaagse' (4 days swimming) that are popular in The Netherlands. A couple of weeks ago we stumbled on a ti-på-topp box on top of Nordtinden and, as we stay in Tromsø this summer, we decided to buy the pack with maps and descriptions and see how far we get this year. There are actually 15 tops, 5 easy walks, 5 medium and 5 proper mountains. Saturday we decided to try to cycle one of the easy ti-på-topp walks, Grønnlibruna, to make it a nice roundtrip. We first cycled to Straumsbukta, found some good tracks to cycle up Grønnlibruna (with some pushing on the steeper parts for me), down to Håkøybotn and back home. First mountain bike trip here, we should do this more often.


Halfway, nice track for cycling

Top of Grønnlibruna

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