Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Bergen #5: Weekend on Hardangervidda

Tony came down to Bergen for a long weekend and brought some sunny weather with him. We took the train up to Finse for a 2-day ski trip to Geiterygghytte and back in beautiful spring weather. On the way back to Bergen we took the tourist route via the Flåm railway to Flåm followed by a boat trip through Nærøyfjorden to Gudvangen. A welcome break from the grey weather in Bergen and the counting of fission tracks.

Finse station

Route to Geiterygghytte

Route back to Finse

Interesting cloud formations and sun dog

The snow was very icy, unfortunately

View from Flåm

Brekkefossen in the Flåm valley

Flåm valley

Flåm church


Nærøyfjord near Gudvangen

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