Friday, 18 May 2012

Last skiing for the season - Riksgränsen

This was my last weekend in northern Norway before going back to Bergen for another session of counting fission tracks. We were hoping to do some resort skiing in Riksgränsen, just across the border in Sweden, together with a friend from Narvik. Unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side and the ski lifts were closed early in the afternoon because of strong winds and poor visibility. The weather did not improve on Sunday either, so we changed to cross country skis for a nice trip through the Abisko valley. It is still full winter here, but the first signs of spring, like flowing water in the river and half white/half brown ptarmigans, are visible.

At the top of the ski lifts in Riksgränsen: for a moment it looked like it would clear up, but this didn't last.

Chris and Tony in the Abisko valley.

Spring is coming, open water in the river.

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