Saturday, 8 December 2012

Polar night and birds

The polar night has started. In Tromsø, it officially lasts from 25 November to 17 January, but in the town centre it lasts a few days longer because of the mountains in the south. The official 'soldagen', the day the sun comes back, is 21 January. Below is a selection of photos from the last couple of weeks.

De poolnacht is begonnen in Tromsø. De poolnacht duurt in theorie van 25 november tot 17 januari, maar in het centrum van Tromsø is dit een paar dagen langer omdat de bergen ten zuiden van Tromsø de horizon blokkeren. De officiele 'soldagen', de dag dat de zon terug komt, is op 21 januari. Hier een aantal foto's van de afgelopen weken.

A group of grey herons circling over our suburb.

The same group of grey herons in the bay near our house.

Cormorants trying to dry their wings sitting on rocks that are rapidly disappearing under the water with the tide coming in.

Polar night colours over our suburb Hamna.

Colours reflecting in the icy track.

We often get beautiful skies in the south, 4 hour long 'sunsets'.

Colours reflecting in some small frozen lakes on top of Tromsøya.

Not very colourful today, but some interesting looking lenticular clouds. Similar skyline as 2 photos up, looking south from Tromsø.

It has been cold, -10°C for the last week or so, day and night. So there is nice frost growth on some of the branches and the snow surface, with large platy and feathery crystals. Tony has been playing with the camera today, trying to take photos of the crystal growths, and the next 4 photos are his.

Frozen bushes. This photo is taken with flash light, the photo below without to give a more realistic view.

The light can get quite blue during the polar night, so the colours here are not too far off.

Close-up of ice crystals on a branch.

Another close-up.

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