Thursday, 25 July 2013


We finally got some summer weather again. Nice evening walk/cycle up Kvitbergfjellet and Gråtinden. The first 4 km and 500 m elevation up to the mast on Kvitbergfjellet are along a gravel road, so I decided to try to cycle it. But I have to admit that the consistent climb was too tough for me and I had to alternate cycling and walking. The down hill ride was fast though. Fantastic views from the top, particularly of the fog coming in along the fjords from the ocean.

Good gravel road.

Good view of Bentsjordtinden across the fjord.

The last few hundred meters to the top are a bit steeper, but there is a marked track.

Looking back to Tromsø from the top of Gråtinden.

Fog covered fjords, with the mountains of the island Senja in the distance.

Clear view to the south.

My bike was patiently waiting for me.

Large nearly full moon caught my attention when driving back. It is nearly midnight.

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