Tuesday, 4 March 2014


We haven't done any bigger trips lately, but here are some photos from some short trips around Tromsø. The first couple of photos were taken on a short Sunday trip up Austeråsfjellet a week ago. Beautiful snow in the valley and forest, but very icy and windy up the top.

A ptarmigan landed here and ran around.

Some nice altocumulus lenticularis clouds.


Looking towards the Lyngen alps.

Snow getting blown over the ice on the top of Austeråsfjellet.

And a couple of photos of a short walk near Grønnlibruna, on the southeastern point of Kvaløya, a couple of weeks ago.

Tony checking out the ice walls.

I just liked the pine tree.

A reindeer enjoying the sunshine and the view.

Looking towards Tromsø.

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