Sunday, 1 February 2015

January in Tromsø

January is the time of the Tromsø International Film Festival followed by the sun coming back. I always enjoy this film festival and usually see 10-12 movies from all over the world. Some of my favourites this year were Wim Wenders stunning new documentary Le Sel de la Tierra, the Spanish movie Carmen and Amén, and the Japanese movie The Snow White Murder Case. 

We are still waiting for some decent snow. Up in the mountains, the snow is hard and windblown with lost of rocks coming through and I don't really like skiing on this. But it is great for snowshoeing, or even just hiking. It is also getting more popular to go cycling up and down the mountains on the hard snow. Yesterday we tried to get some sun, but the clouds in the south blocked it for most of the time that we were out. We only got a very brief glimpse of it before it disappeared behind the mountains.

Brief glimpse of the sun

Sun light on Vengsøya

And, of course, some northern lights

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