Monday, 16 March 2015

Early spring

Spring has started early this year, we have already had several days with temperatures up to 8-9 degrees C, which is rare in March. We have also had a fair bit of rain and storms. But in between we get the occasional beautiful sunny day and with flexible work hours it is fortunately possible to take a day off when the weather is so nice in the middle of the week, and work longer when it is raining. The next 4 photos are from one of those beautiful days, a ski trip up Nordtinden with a friend from Austria and our dog friend Joy. Joy is a labrador-border collie cross from Iceland who stays with us every now and again when his boss is travelling and I think he enjoyed the trip as much as we did.

That's me

Elisabeth and Joy near the top

View from the top towards Grøttfjorden and Tromvik

Last Sunday was another sunny day and we went snowshoeing up to Breidtinden on Ringvassøya. What is difficult to see in the photos below is how windy it was. We turned back a bit before the top and descended into the valley to get out of the wind. But the views were nice from the ridge and would have been even better from the top, if it hadn't been so windy, so we need to get back some day.


Tromsdalstinden in the background

Hiding from the wind

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