Saturday, 2 January 2016


We rented a simple hut at Molnes just outside Tromsø for 2 days around Christmas. The hut is in Kaldfjorden where there are a lot of whales during November-December, so we were hoping to see some of them. It is about 3 km walking/padling/rowing to get to the hut. The previous renters had left the rowing boat at the hut as the weather was too bad to row it back at the time. We had hoped to be able to row the boat back, but the weather forecast was pretty bad so we decided to just walk in and out. The weather forecast was right and the weather was pretty bad, with strong winds both days and a snow storm when we walked out. But we did hear and see some whales: the humpback whales stayed in the distance, unfortunately, but a group of 9 orcas swam right in front of the hut. No photos of them, unfortunately, the light was very dim.

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