Sunday, 21 August 2016

More summer days - Saana, Kjølen and Ullstinden

We just had a beautiful sunny and warm week with temperatures over 20 degrees C. After a rather cold day out in the field at a mine site in northern Finland on Monday, the weather cleared up when I drove back to Tromsø on Tuesday, so I stopped for a break and a walk up one of Finland's highest mountains, Saana, with Finland's longest stairs and great views from the top.

On Thursday I walked up one of our local mountains, Kjølen. It can be very cold and windy up here as I described in previous blog posts, but this time it was shorts and T-shirt weather all the way. Kjølen has some good views back to Tromsø, but also westwards towards the outer island and the Atlantic ocean.

And today, Saturday, the last day with good weather for the moment according to the weather forecasts (they were right, it is raining right now), we finally walked up Ullstinden. Ullstinden is one of our favourite ski mountains and we have been up here quite a few times in winter, but never yet in summer. The walk itself is not that special, but the views from the top are fantastic. With the Lyngen Alps across Ullsfjorden to the east, and the mountains on the islands Ringvassøya and Reinøya across Grøtsundet to the west.

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