Sunday, 7 January 2018

Colorado #2: Hiking around Boulder: Front Range

There are many hiking opportunities close to Boulder; particularly many hiking trails in the first range of hills immediately west of the town that tower up to 900 m over Boulder. The views from these tops are fantastic, you look out over Boulder and the flat country to the east, and can see the high peaks of the Rocky mountains to the west. The terrain is very dry and rocky with pine forests. The trails are very nice for late afternoon hikes, but can get quite busy on the weekends.

The trail up to Mt Sanitas

Dry and warm in summer, perfect for lizards

Smoky view from Mt Sanitas over Boulder. Smoke from forest fires in northern Colorado and other states had blown to the Boulder area.

Smoky sun

Great horned owl (?)

View from the Royal Arch over Boulder on a warm summer day

View through the Royal Arch to some of the flat irons

Tony enjoying the evening sun on Green mountain, watching 2 chipmunks running around the rocks

Evening view from Green mountain to the high peaks in the west

Boulder gets spectacular sunsets in autumn

We did get a bit of snow a couple of times in November-December, but it never stayed for more than a few days.

A little pygmy nuthatch

Start of the trail up to Bear peak

View from Bear peak to the north

View from Bear peak to the west

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