Sunday, 20 September 2009

Fairbanks #8, the Denali Highway

Another road trip, this time along the Denali Highway between the Richardson Highway and the Parks Highway, along the southern edge of the Alaska Range.

Hike to the Gulkana glacier, north of Paxson.

On the debris covered glacier.

Hike to the Gulkana glacier.

One of the locals.

Salmon! (You may need to click on the image to enlarge to see them)

The start of the Denali Highway is still bitumen.

Cycling to Landmark Gap lake for an overnight trip.

Camp at Landmark Gap lake.

A naughty ground squirrel at the camp kept trying to steal the food.

Paddling around Landmark Gap lake, watching beavers and ducks.

A beaver lodge.

Looking towards the Alaska Range, standing on a glacial moraine.

A baby porcupine along the road.

Most of the highway is a good gravel road.

There used to be some facilities along this road, but I don't think this is used anymore.

Evening view over the glacial valley towards the Alaska Range.

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