Friday, 25 September 2009

Fairbanks#10 - last week

The last week in Fairbanks was busy, apart from preparing to move back we also tried to fit in some things we had wanted to do but had not done yet, such as visiting the large animal research site (LARS) and the university museum. I had also been fascinated by the large variability in houses and cabins in Alaska and had wanted to photograph some of them, but ran out of time. Next time I guess, if there ever is a next time. But I do have some photos of structures (and oddities) in and around Fairbanks and of some of the large animals.

View over the Tanana river and the forested flats and the Alaska Range in the distance, with some of the forest fires that brought horrible smoky conditions to Fairbanks.

The teddy bears along the Parks Highway.

The Nenana Ice Classic is a very popular lottery for guessing the minute of river breakup on the Tanana River ( A tripod, like the one in the photo, is placed on the river ice and connected with a rope to the tower with a clock. When the river breaks up the tripod starts to move and stops the clock. In 2009 the jackpot was $283723.

One of many churches in Alaska.

There are a lot of houses with character in Alaska, often home designed and built. This one is in Nenana.

Again in Nenana.

Cute little log cabin in Goldstream Valley. Many of these cabins do not have running water. We had a well in our log house, but went to the Fox spring to get drinking water.

Other fill their yard with 'rubbish (?)'. Not quite sure what the purpose is of this.

And why not live in an old plane?

Some houses are never finished...

Melting permafrost can be a problem. This row of apartments is quite bent.

One of the top restaurants in Fairbanks (Fox).

And a popular family pub/restaurant/brewery.

Popular take away falafel is across the road from an even more popular ice cream shop.

Take away/drive through coffee shops are very popular. We have also spotted drive through banks in Fairbanks.

And large shopping districts.

Musk ox at LARS.

Caribou at LARS.

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