Saturday, 20 August 2011

From Kilpis to Rostadalen #2

Day 3, from Gappohytte to Rostahytte, was probably the highlight of the trip with the most variety in landscapes, and many flowers and birds. 

Finnish fisherman showing off a freshly caught trout.

rock hopping across a river

Alpine catchfly, Lychnis alpina

Cottongrass, Eriophorum

broad glacial valleys

Swedish-Norwegian border: back in Norway after a short section through Sweden.

lunch break

Very rocky the last few hundred meters to the pass at around 1000 m altitude.

Beautiful green valley, which reminded me of Mongolia, just without the gers, horses and yaks.

Rosta hyttene

Moor-king, Pedicularis sceptrum-carolinum

Rosta hyttene: we slept in the 'new' hut on the right. The large hut on the left is the Jubileum hut, built only a few years ago, and the hut furthest away is the old hut; the fourth building is the woodshed/toilet.

On day 4, our friends headed towards Pältsa hytte in Sweden while we walked through Rostadalen back to our car that we had left there 4 days earlier. We had a look at the river on our way down, but there is a lot of white water, more difficult than we are able to packraft at the moment.


Tony walking through a field of Alpine sow-thistle, Cicerbita alpina.

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