Monday, 22 August 2011


After walking back to the car from Rostahytte, we did some shopping in Øverbygd and had an extended and lazy late lunch on the beach at Fjellfroskvatnet on what must have been one of this year's hottest days. We started walking towards Hattavarra around 16:00 h and the first couple of kilometers up the valley were still very warm, but fortunately the track followed a river that provided us with regular and much appreciated refreshment. Higher up a flock of reindeer was trying to cool down by standing in a snow field. But we got to the top in good time and the views were excellent in all directions. A beautiful walk.

our route

A well used track leads up the valley.

View to the west from halfway up.

Reindeer cooling down in the snow.

A solid block field with good trail markings.

View to the NE from the top.

View to the west from the top.

A good snow field made the descent a little faster.

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