Monday, 5 September 2011


Hamperokken is a very distinct mountain that you can see from far and it has long been on my wishlist of mountains to climb. So when Tony and some of his colleagues planned to hike up there one Sunday afternoon I tagged along. From a distance it looks impossible to get up there without climbing, but there is actually quite a good track along and underneath the ridge and only the last part to the top requires some light scrambling. A beautiful ridge walk, but best done in good weather.

our route

Hamperokken seen from the SW, from Ramfjordbotn. It looks impossible to get up without climbing......

Hamperokken from the start of the ridge at ca 1000 m

Looking down towards Litleskarvatnet

Top of valley between Hamperokken and Stortinden

The only bit of scrambling, the last ca 20m to the top

Looking back along the ridge from the top

View towards Breivikeidet to the NE

View to the S

View to the NW, with Tromsdalstinden in the top right; Tromsø is right behind Tromsdalstinden.

Back down along the ridge

The end of the ridge

Tony studying interesting geological structures

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