Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Kåfjorddalen - Gorsa canyon

On Sunday we drove to the end of the gravel road in Kåfjorddalen that goes high up in the mountains. We walked down from Sabetjohka to the new and already very popular bridge over the spectacular Gorsa canyon (see also my previous post on Kåfjorddalen) and we explored one of the old mine sites along the gravel road. Next time we will have to come back with our mountainbikes, there are lots of old roads and tracks to explore all over the mountains, leading to many of the old mines high up from the valley. Kåfjorddalen is a spectacular area!


Sorbmejohka, one of the deepest canyons in northern Europe

The spectacular new bridge over the Gorsa canyon.

From the bridge: the river Guolasjohka enters the Gorsa canyon with a 140 m high waterfall.

From the bridge: the narrow Gorsa canyon

Mining relics: the remains of a power station for the mining village Ankerlia.

Mining relics: supports for a water pipe, presumably leading to the power station.

In summer the gravel road leads high up into the mountains.

More mining relics: one can see the old mine entrances in the reddish layer in the cliff.

Mine relics

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