Monday, 18 February 2013

Back in Tromsø - beautiful weather for skiing

After a pleasant break in Italy we are now back in the snow in Tromsø. February has so far been excellent with lots of cold and clear weather, although we could use some fresh snow as it is getting rather windblown and hard. The weather will change later this week, but the metereological office can't quite make up their mind if it is going to snow or rain. Hopefully it will be snow, otherwise we will get an icy mess again. Below some snow photos from the last week.

Na een prettige vakantie in Italië zijn we nu weer thuis in de sneeuw in Tromsø. Februari is tot nu toe prachtig geweest met veel mooi weer. We zouden wel wat verse sneeuw kunnen gebruiken, want de sneeuw begint aardig hard en verwaaid te worden. Het weer gaat eind van de week veranderen, maar de meteorologen zijn er nog niet helemaal uit of het gaat sneeuwen of regenen. Hopelijk wordt het sneeuw anders wordt het hier weer een ijsbaan. Hier wat sneeuwfoto's van de afgelopen week.

Low sun and interesting patterns in the sky.

Skiing above the fog. It makes you feel like you are on top of the world, even though the suburbs of Tromsø are just 300 m below.

'Artistic' photo, not well focused unfortunately. The shadow appears quite blue this time of the year. The top of the hill, Ullstinden, is our destination. The dot just in the sun is Tony on his way up.

Stunning views in all directions from the top of Ullstinden. Here looking at the Lyngen Alps.

Two Norwegian ladies skiing down in front of us and making nice curves in the snow.

Tony in action.

Tony and Elizabeth admiring the view half way down.

Very low sun makes giant shadows.

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