Monday, 1 September 2014

Tony's Trip to Canada - Quebec city to Nova Scotia.

While Corine was taking the Trans Siberian railway, I was in eastern Canada. I started with a week at the IGARSS conference in Quebec city and then started a ten day road trip from Quebec city to Nova Scotia and back. Canada is a huge country and even my small travel plan ended up being too ambitious. My first stop was actually in the opposite direction as I headed north to Saint-Felicien and its Wild Zoo (in a separate blog post). Then I headed back across the Saint Lawrence river, down through New Brunswick and into Nova Scotia. The plan was to go all over Nova Scotia, but I only had time for the north east cape of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick on the way down and back. The main destinations were the bay of Fundy, cape Breton highlands national park and Louisbourg. I prioritised the wilderness and food and got plenty of both. From isolated beaches and moose in the forests, to eating lobster and crab at the harbours. Here is a small selection of photos from the trip.

Flying over Greenland with its amazing glaciers.

Conference centre in Quebec city with leaping wolf statue.

Artisan street in the rain, great rabbit restaurant down the end.

Fantastic wall painting, depicting the local history and culture.

The Chateau Frontenac hotel dominates the city.

Extra-large street art.

Beautiful Melvin beach all to myself.

Harbours on the Bay of Fundy have extreme tides. These boats at St. Martins will have to wait a while.

Nova Scotia's coastline. Lighthouse cove, Louisbourg.

Louisebourg's fortress historical reenactment ...

... including powder and pellet rifles ...

... and cannons.

Final day. Quebec city seen across the Saint Lawrence river from Levis.

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