Monday, 1 September 2014

Tony's Trip to Canada - The Saint-Felicien Wild Zoo.

My first planned stop out of Quebec city was due north to Saint-Felicien and its Wild Zoo. The wild zoo is known for its train tour where the animals are wild and the carriages are caged. This gives the animals considerably larger domains and more natural conditions than in many zoos, although electric fences were still visible around some areas. The zoo specialises in northern and arctic species and even includes a polar bear.

Caged bus-train carriage.

The animals are quite used to the train, it is quite peaceful.

First black bear, resting beside a hut.

Grizzlies in their own domain.

More black bears.

Bison resting in the sun.

Another black bear. Normally, not something you encounter every day.

And another with cubs.

A Crane.

Wild Turkeys and a small deer.

A Bobcat.

A not very active Bear.

The Asian section had Snow Monkeys ...

... and Tigers.

While Corine was heading towards the real Mongolia, I had to settle for the Mongolian section of the zoo. It had Camels and Przewalski's horses ...

... Yaks ...

... a Ger kitted out in the traditional colours ...

... and Ibex.

Continuing on were Racoons ...

... and Martens.

An aviary full of Bald Eagles.

A lonely Wolverine.

Three playful Otters, one in the water.

A family of Beavers.

A Canadian Lynx.

The lone Polar Bear. He seemed to be having a great time in and out of the water.

A Snowy Owl.

Back to the Beavers.
There were plenty of other creatures but they didn't sit still long enough to get good photos.

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