Monday, 27 August 2012

Thermo 2012 conference - Guilin

The Thermo 2012 conference has been very good both scientifically and socially, with interesting talks, posters and a fieldtrip. Here a few photos from in and around the conference venue, the Lijiang Waterfall Hotel in Guilin, China.

One side of the conference venue and hotel turns into a giant waterfall for 15 minutes every night.

View over Guilin and the surrounding karst landscape, from the hotel.

One evening there was a wedding banquet in the main square inside the hotel. You can see some of our posters on the left.

Elephant hill, a few blocks from the hotel.

One of the streets near the hotel. Bicycles have largely been replaced by scooters.

Lots of street sellers selling local fruit.

Next to the hotel is a pretty park with a lake, popular with locals and tourists.

Pagodas in the lake, with the conference hotel in the background.

Local dancers performing at one of the conference dinners.

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