Thursday, 23 August 2012


The Thermo conference this year is in Guilin in southern China. I decided to travel one day earlier, to have a bit of time to look around and get used to the time difference. Last time we were in China was about 15 years ago and one of the places we went to was Yanshuo, a town about 65 km south of Guilin and in the middle of the karst landscape. I remember Yanshuo as a quiet village in beautiful surroundings and popular with backpackers. Today, I took the bus to Yanshuo and walked around. It has metamorphosed into a buzzling mass tourism town. Not quite what I had in mind, but I still saw some of the nice landscape and had a very good meal in Yanshuo.

Li river

Wooden rafts waiting for tourists

Li river in Yanshuo

Just outside Yanshuo, rice paddies and vegetable fields

Water buffalo in someone's backyard

Yanshuo from a small hill in town

Yanshuo near the bus station with the small hill I walked up

Lots of good fruit

Busy shopping streets, mostly catering for tourists

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