Saturday, 18 August 2012

Treriksrøysa - Goldahytte

Treriksrøysa is the point where Norway, Sweden and Finland meet in a triple point. It is a beautiful location at the edge of a lake with the distinctive Parastinden in the background. Last year we walked to Treriksrøysa as a side trip from Goldahytte; this year we took the ferry from Kilpisjärvi across the lake. From the ferry landing it is 3 km to Treriksrøysa and another 3 km to Goldahytte where we stayed overnight.

Dark thunder clouds threatened to soak us on the way in, but fortunately they never reached us and we had a beautiful walk to the hut. Perfect weather the next day and a very pleasant walk back to the ferry landing.


Treriksrøysa, with Parastinden in the background to the right.

Amazingly still water. The MS Malla is waiting to ferry us back to Kilpisjärvi.

On the way back from Kilpisjärvi, we stopped in Skibotndalen to check for mushrooms and berries. No luck with cantarelles or porcini mushrooms, but we did pick and eat lots of sweet blueberries and saw a couple of squirrels along the way.

Cute baby squirrel

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