Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Nepal #4 - Kathmandu and Patan

We had 1 day in Kathmandu after the trek and we joined an excellent guided tour to visit some of the major temple sites around Kathmandu. This tour was still part of the organised Dhaulagiri Circuit trek and arranged by The Mountain Company. We visited the Budhist temple Swayambhunath, the Hindu temple Pashupatinath, and the enormous stupa Bodhnath.

Na de trektocht hadden we 1 dag in Kathmandu. Op deze dag was er een begeleide tour langs 3 van de meest bekende en belangrijke bezienswaardigheden geregeld, nog als deel van de trektocht georganiseerd door de Mountain Company. Wij hebben de Bhudist tempel Swayambhunath, de Hindu tempel Pashupatinath, en de indrukwekkende stupa Bodhnath bezocht.

After a week cycling around the Kathmandu Valley (next blog post), we also had a full day in Patan. Patan was originally an independent city south of Kathmandu, but today it is more a suburb of Kathmandu. In Patan we visited the impressive Durbar Square, which has a great collection of temples and palaces, several smaller temples and a number of interesting fair trade handcraft shops, and we enjoyed some good food.

Na een week fietsen door de Kathmandu vallei (volgende blog) hadden we ook nog een volle dag in Patan. Patan was vroeger een onafhankelijke stad net ten zuiden van Kathmandu, maar is nu meer een buitenwijk van Kathmandu. We hebben hier verschillende tempels bezocht, onder andere het indrukwekkende Durbar Square, een aantal fair trade handwerk winkels en hebben een paar leuke restaurantjes met lekker eten gevonden.

Stairs leading up to the Swayambhunath Stupa.

The Swayambhunath Stupa

Pratappur temple next to the Swayambhunath Stupa

Selling candles

Swayambhunath is also called the monkey temple.

Selling colourful tikka powder and stamps at Pashupatinath.

Bamboo swing at Pashupatinath. These swings are popular throughout the Kathmandu Valley.

The Hindu temple Pashupatinath. In the distance the smoke from a cremation.

The enormous Bodhnath Stupa.

Large prayer wheels at Boudnath.

Traditionally dressed Nepali walking around Boudnath Stupa.

Street in Kathmandu, just south of the tourist area Thamel.

Asan Tole, a busy marketplace in Kathmandu.

The Golden Temple in Patan.

Durbar Square, Patan.

Detail of the woodcarving in one of the temples in Durbar Square, Patan.

Statue of King Yoganarendra Malla, on top of a tall column. Durbar Square, Patan.

The Hindu temple Krishna Mandir, one of the few temples constructed from carved stone rather than wood. Durbar Square, Patan.

Two elephants, one crushing a person, in front of the Vishwanath Temple. Durbar Square, Patan.

The Minnath Temple, Patan.

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